How to book Cheap Hotels online for stay in Jakarta

  Travelling can be of great fun only when it is planned properly and things are executed as planned right from choosing a destination, planning the places to visit, arranging a transport, booking a place to stay, deciding where to eat and finally packing based on what to carry. Even if any one of these … Continue reading “How to book Cheap Hotels online for stay in Jakarta”


Travelling can be of great fun only when it is planned properly and things are executed as planned right from choosing a destination, planning the places to visit, arranging a transport, booking a place to stay, deciding where to eat and finally packing based on what to carry. Even if any one of these is missed it will result in jeopardizing the whole travel plan. However, these can be learnt as people gain experience through traveling frequently however what that they should be very careful about during each travel occasion is about the place they can stay or eat.

Planning a trip for Jakarta is an awesome idea, because Jakarta is one of those few travel spots in the world which comprises of everything a tourist looks for in a travel destination right from the outlook of a developed city to a place of historical significance with monuments and with few hours of travel can make you spend time in islands with lots of greenery and scenic beauty, hence Jakarta as one place can offer you the satisfaction having traveled to multiple and diversified locations one vacation plan.

Jakarta has got some of the best high class hotels in the world and they offer a very warm welcome and serve all the tourists to there with a cheerful attitude making them feel at home and at the same time the joy and enthusiasm required in a travel destination. As there are many good quality hotels with the help of a hotel search site one can easily book a hotel. However, as most of the hotels are at par with each other in their service what matters is the price of the hotel. Hence, you need to make use of the options in the hotel listing site to book a Cheap hotel jakarta for your stay and vacation over there.

While booking a hotel check for the facilities that they have to offer for a tourist, and go for the hotel with facilities you need rather than with more amenities because by choosing them you will end up paying for things you did not even need or use. Another idea is comparing the prices and also look for any good deals available with the site or hotel while booking as a tourist or while booking well in advance.


Keys to have a Good Shopping Experience


If we combine the 3 subjects discussed before we can draw some important clues:

1- optimize the 1st scroll your page : you have to look the best on the 1st impression for your online store. The first scroll is what the user sees your page without moving the mouse or clicking anything. Design aside (very important indeed), in terms of usability, on the 1st scroll the user has to see perfectly well what to sell and intuit the steps to follow if you decide to investigate further. Is key not cause confusion at this point.

2- Wide range of options contact web-client so that you can choose freely:

– Paragraph FAQS: Frequently Asked Questions

– Phone number where to call

– Register to be called (lead)

– Email customer

– Chat online. In this line I recommend the application Zopim .

3- Quick navigability, with minimum possible clicks and intuitive processes : for it is very healthy to work with the content of the page and make A / B testing to measure improvements that are more usable. You can use for example the Optimizely tool for this task.

4- Check the times : first a good communication with the client to know what time periods and are expected standard clear is reasonable must be taken into account. Time to consider are:

– Timeout reception Product

– Times Return Goods

– Time attention regarding incidents or queries

5- Customizing buying process : in the US recently did a study and extracted the following data:

– 76% of respondents recognized that likes to receive personalized coupons on record

– 66% are more likely to purchase from a website where they receive personal suggestions during the process

– 80% are more likely to buy from a store that offers a personalized overall shopping experience

6- Differentiators technological elements : a good example is how we treat leads (records) who want to buy on our website. You can enter a service video care instantly with live sales agents. The company that can actually Whisbi Technologies. This is one of the ways to differentiate your process.



Factors affecting Online Shopping Experience


There is a truth that is irrefutable on the internet, you can spend the amount you want in marketing techniques to attract highly qualified traffic and have available a a stock of products with fantastic prices, but if the shopping experience does not meet the user expectations or simply a web page that does not make the balance of your online business most is certain is that will suffer.


In my opinion there are three major factors to consider in this direction:

1- Web Usability : A “usable” web page is where the user fully understands the purpose of the web and is able by simple processes interact and buy into it. The logical and intuitive processes are two very important points. The reference book on the subject is: “you do not think me” Steve Krug

2- Engagement : we call engagement in the world using ecommerce to the ability of an online store and build strong relationships between client-web fidel. It is used a lot also in social networks.

3- After – sales service : to enter more on this topic you can refer to the article: “As for excellence in customer service on the Internet”.


Buy your favorite products using Online Auction


Everything has become online now especially sharing information, buying and selling of products and services and such. There are many good things about buying goods and services online it is not just you get what you wanted at a single click and just by sitting in one place, you can also verify the genuineness by reading various reviews on it and above all there are a lot of coupon and product promotion codes and other discount options available to make it buy cheaper. And if still people want to buy a product far cheaper at an unbelievably lower price when compared to the actual price of the product they still have a safer and a reliable option to do it and it is through online auction sites such as online bidding and penny auction sites. It would be better if the people who are willing to buy a product through online auction to better choose their favorite product or the one which they decided to buy and to bid for that and also they shall do the bidding in online auction sites that provide the option to its customers that they can use their bid points to buy any product in case if their bid fails.


Grab the latest Walmart offers using Walmart Coupons


Internet has made people save a lot of time, money and energy not only in their means of communication or processing information but also in other activities such as shopping or buying and selling goods and services online.

Online shopping is the upcoming shopping trend in the market. This has made some of the companies to adept themselves to the internet technology and made them establish their presence in that and also has paved way to the introduction of excellent online shopping sites like Online shopping helps people save a lot of time and now with the introduction of coupon and promotion codes which are nothing but discount vouchers and offers they can also save a lot of money on their purchases.

The Walmart Coupons Codes or coupons can be bought online from exclusive online promotion and coupon codes selling websites. The promotion codes selling websites also has detailed information regarding the usage of a promotion code in order to redeem a discount on purchase of a product through online shopping. People can use these promotion codes whenever as they wish within the expiry date of the coupon codes and also can share it as a gift with their friends.


Advices and Tips for Bidding participants


In most of the online auctions there are people who bid as low as one penny too but still depending on the huge number of participants the online auction sites will be able to make enough money which is even twice than the price of the product that is kept for an auction and in that way they will be both able to sell the product for a lower price and at the same time making profit by getting a value higher than its price. Hence people should understand that penny auction is not a scam and is a far possible and reliable means of auctioning online to get the product they desired at a very cheap price. However it is advised for the bidders or the participants to bid on items that they were looking forward to buy instead of bidding on items just because they are auctioned at a far low price.


Amazon Coupon codes for all products and services


Going for shopping in the week ends and in the evening to buy something has been an entertainment for some of the people in the past few decades and they called this as a shopping experience. But now people have completely forgotten those age old methods of shopping. Almost all of the Internet users are well aware of the concept of buying products and services online. In today’s world it is necessary for companies to facilitate their customers with the help of technology and thus make them do their shopping as easy as possible. This has made them switch over to online shopping from the traditional methods of shopping. This shall help them retain their regular customers who are also internet users.

Instead of spending huge money for advertisements in order to grab the attention of the customers, companies find it better to provide coupon codes and promotion codes as this has more impact and really shall help the customers obtain some benefit out of their shopping through their website. Promotion codes of very big shopping sites like can be obtained online through coupon code selling sites. Using Amazon coupon codes online shoppers can avail unbelievable discounts ranging from thirty to sixty five percent.


Increasing popularity of Penny Auction sites


Today everything is possible on online through websites and we can find all kind of real world activities are being transformed to the virtual world of internet and also all kinds of product and services are available in the internet. Right from playing games, watching movies, communicating and networking with people to even buying of goods and services has also been some of the major activities in Internet. Penny auction sites are becoming very popular nowadays and are getting a lot of attention. Penny auctions sites follow a unique kind of online auction procedures and have a special niche of online bidding communities that have been regularly and vigorously participating in online auctions and are getting progressively more popular recently.

These penny auction sites and other online bidding websites have become more popular because they have proven their promises and also have helped people to buy an expensive product at an unbelievably low price. However still many people still do not believe in these online and penny auction sites as they think its impossible to sell a product at such an astonishingly lower price. And it is this part of the working way of online auction sites which is not much discussed by people even by participants in online auctions.


Looking for Hammacher Coupons & Deals ? Here you go!


Big shopping malls and showrooms with an excellent infrastructure had been a motivating factor for shopping and even Companies felt it all was necessary to sell their products. But now we are in the age of technology and there are only two kinds of people in the world, the ones who use the internet and those who don’t. Online shopping sites are becoming quite popular these days and have become the hot spot for the companies to promote their products.

To make online shopping much easier big brands have started to give coupons for its customers through product promotion websites to help them redeem great discounts. offers its own coupons in some of the popular promotion codes and coupon codes websites in order to delight its customers. People who wish to buy products from can use these coupons to redeem high discounts on their purchases. While buying promotion codes from coupon codes websites the customers can see the expiry date of the promotion codes and also what other customers do say about those codes. Above all they can see the discounts that are offered for a certain promotion code and then can buy them based on that.


Participating in Safe Online Bidding


Participants can start bidding from even as low as one penny and to a maximum amount specified in the bid site for that particular product which is maximum permitted amount and in few sites the bidder may have to buy credit points and use it for bidding and some sites even given an opportunity for the bidders to use the bidding credits to get discounts on the products they buy through that online auction site and thus reducing the risk of bidders even if they lose a bid.

New users can even learn on how to make a bid from the various reviews, blogs and video tutorials available in the internet on online bidding. Also they can refer to the frequently asked questions column in the bid site pages. In most of the auctions the lowest unique bids is awarded the product and users should check in prior that they are able to see what was the lowest unique bid in the auction in order to ensure the reliability of the bid site. In some cases the bidders even if they had won the product may have to bear at least the postage or shipping costs of the awarded products.